Association Rules

A. Recreation Center Rules

a. Party Rental Policies
b. Rental Rates
c. Meeting Policy and Rates

B. Common Area Use Restrictions

a. Private Parks – All Private Parks are closed between the hours of 10PM and 5AM

b. Common Area Parking Restrictions – The Board has adopted rules pursuant to Article V Section 5.02(r) regarding no parking on common areas. These rules were adopted on July 17, 2013.  No parking is allowed on the Common/Cluster driveways or private alleyways (private roadways). These common/cluster driveways and private alleyways are for access to and egress from your homes.  These rules were published in the fourth quarter September 2013 newsletter.  Towing Enforcement Policy and Parking on Lawn Policy that was adopted on April 19, 2016 and published in our third quarter 2017 newsletter.

C. Design Review Committee Rules

a. Design Guidelines

D. Covenants Violations Procedures

E. Delinquency Policy

a. Application of Payment Policy
b. Suspension of Privileges

F. Information Policy

G. Anonymous Letter Policy – At their Board Meeting of February 14, 1996 the Board adopted an Anonymous Letter policy stating that the Board of Directors and office staff will only respond to letters with the name and address of the sender identified. The Board of Directors and staff will not respond to anonymous letters.

H.  Pet Nuisance Policy