Frequently Asked Questions


Pertaining to Admin:

  1. Where is the Villages of Kapolei Association (VOKA) office located?

    Our office address is:  91-1111 Kama’aha Loop, Kapolei, HI 96707.  This is the Recreation Center with the swimming pools.  The Administration Office is located at the back of the building.

  2. What are the Administration Office hours?

    Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  3. How do I become a member?

    Membership is automatic when you purchase a home in the Villages of Kapolei.

  4. What subdivisions make up the Villages of Kapolei Association?

    The following subdivisions are part of VOKA:  Kumuiki, Aeloa, Aeloa Terrace, Villas at Aeloa, Senior Residence at Kapolei, Senior Residence at Kapolei 2, Malanai, Malanai Iki, Kekuilani Palms, Kekuilani Villas, Kekuilani Courts, Kekuilani Gardens, Makalii II, Iwalani, Makalii, Kulalani Village, Nohona at Kapolei, Pae Ko Gardens, Kealakai at Kapolei, Malu’Ohai, Villas at Maluohai, Kapolei Ho’Olimalima, Kapolei Kai, Kaupe’a, Nohona II at Kapolei, Nohona III at Kapolei.

    The following surrounding communities are not part of the Village of Kapolei:  Kapolei Knolls, Makakilo, Kanehili, Honokai Hale, Mehana at Kapolei.

  5. Can I buy a membership if I don’t live in the Villages of Kapolei?

    Membership can only be obtained by purchasing a home within the Villages of Kapolei.

  6. How can I order the docs for the Villages of Kapolei?

    Call our main number, (808)674-4444 ext. 0, to order your documents. Costs will vary depending on the location of your home, and the type of document you are ordering.

  7. What services does VOKA offer?

    Members in good standing can enjoy a variety of services, including access to the swimming pools, hall rentals, free or discounted recreational programs and classes, discount movie and water park tickets, free copies and outgoing faxes, free notary services, free movie nights and keiki holiday events, free classified ads in the quarterly newsletter, and discounts at participating community vendors. (Some restrictions apply).

  8. Can I fax to long distance numbers?

    Yes, faxes to local and toll-free numbers are free.  Tolled long distance faxes will be charged a minimum of $0.25 per page, depending on the page size, and density of colors and graphics.

  9. How much are the water park tickets?

    General Admission for ages 3-years and above is $29.99 to Wet’N’Wild Hawaii.

  10. How much are your movie tickets?

    $8.00 for Screen Savers from Consolidated Theatres
    $8.50 for Screen Savers from Regal Theatres

  1. What are the restrictions for the movie tickets?

    Screen Savers cannot be used during the first two weeks of a first run engagement, or for motion pictures where prohibited by contractual obligation. Please confirm with the movie theatre on their restrictions.

  2. Does VOKA have a notary public?

    Yes, notary services are provided free of charge to members in good standing.  Services are provided by appointment only.  Call (808) 674-4444, ext. 116 for an appointment.

  3. Why do I need a VOKA PHOTO ID card?

    Villages of Kapolei Association is a private organization.  To aid our staff in identifying members/residents of VOKA, you are required to obtain an I.D. card to use the facilities and programs.

  4. How do I get a VOKA ID?

    Owners must come in person to the Administration Office to apply for and obtain a VOKA photo I.D. card.  You must present a State or Federal government issued photo I.D. when you come in to apply for your VOKA I.D. card. Children ages 7-years and above can obtain an I.D. card upon presentation of a birth certificate as proof of age. VOKA photo I.D. cards cost $5.00 each for primary resident and their children living in household, under the age of 18.  All cards for guests and adults living in the household will be $25.00.  

  5. I am renting out my house.  Can my renters use the facilities and services?

    Yes, you can relinquish your privileges to your renters via a “Transfer of Privileges” form.  Note:  Transfers of Privileges do not alleviate you of your responsibilities and obligations as an owner/member.

  6. What is the procedure to Transfer Privileges?

     A Transfer of Privileges form can be obtained by calling our main phone number, (808)674-4444 ext. 0, or you can download it here. If you are an out-of-state owner, your property manager can submit this form in your stead, provided your property management agreement allows such action, and provided we have a copy of your agreement on file. Once we have your completed Transfer of Privileges form on file, your tenant can come in to obtain a VOKA I.D. card, and begin to use the facilities and services.

  7. When are the Association Dues due?

    Association Dues and/or Road Assessments are due on the first day of each month.  A $25.00 Late Fee will be charged to your account if dues payment is not received by the fifteenth day of the month.

  8. What forms of payment does VOKA accept?

    Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, credit, and debit card. Credit card payments can be made by phone, by calling (808)674-4444 ext. 0.  You can also make payments online at for a fee.

  9. Can I set up an automatic payment for my dues?

    Many banks offer automatic bill payment services to their clients.  Some credit  cards offer these services as well.  Some banks may charge a fee, so you should inquire about their fee schedule. 

  10. Why do we have to send our payments to Arizona?

     VOKA’s bank is in Arizona, along with their lockbox service.  They are able to provide us with automatic processing and accounting of payments sent to the P.O. Box in Arizona.

  11. If the 15th falls on a weekend and the VOK office is closed, why am I penalized with a late fee?

    Owners are provided with various means of getting payment to us.  We accept charge card payments by phone; we accept charge cards, debit cards, checks, or cash over the counter during office hours; or you can drop off your payment into our payment drop box outside of our Administration Office door after hours.  You have fifteen days to decide how and when you will make your payment, before we charge the late fee.

  12. What do the dues pay for?

     Villages of Kapolei Association is a community which features common property and facilities shared by the residents. The major responsibility of the association is to maintain the shared/common properties owned by the members, and thus protecting your investment and enhancing the value of your property.  This is done by providing for the physical maintenance and operation of the common areas — as well as collection of assessments, and enforcement of the master rules and architectural controls.

  13. Who handles the street lights?

    Currently, the master developer of our community, Hawaii Housing Finance Development Corporation (HHFDC)is still responsible for the street lights in Villages 1,2,3,4,5,and 7.  In Villages 6 and 8 the street lights are the responsibility of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

  14. What is the phone number to report street lights out?

    If a street light is flickering, or not turning on at all, note the number etched on the pole of the street light, and call HHFDC directly at (808) 587-0494. 

Pertaining to Recreation

  1. What time does the pool open/close?

    The pool generally opens at 12:00 noon every day.  Open swim may be restricted during swim lessons, which runs seasonally.  We are closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  For a complete listing of hours for the year, link here: Pool Schedule 2019

  2. How can I check availability for hall rentals?

    The best way to check hall availability is by calling our office at 674-4444, at the prompt press Dept. 2.  We book up to 13 months in advance; only the primary VOK member may rent the hall.

  3. How much does it cost to rent the hall and what does the typical setup look like?

    Prices and fees vary based on the time of day, guest count, and whether alcohol will be allowed on the premises.  For a typical lunch function, full capacity, the total price is $964.  For a typical dinner function, full capacity, the total price is $1188. The hall capacity is 240, (200 in the main room and 40 on the lanai).  Your cost may be less based on the details of your party.  For a complete listing of prices and fees, link here: Hall Rental Rates 2019. To view photos of the Hall setup link here: Hall set up for 240 guests

  4. Can I bring a friend to Zumba/Yoga/other program?

    Yes, you may bring a guest with you to most open programs.  Some fee-based activities may cost a little more for a sponsored guest.  Please remember that you are responsible for the actions and behavior of your guests.  This includes financial remuneration and liability.

  5. How many people can I bring to the pool?

    You may bring in 6 guests per lot. A guest is anyone without their own VOK membership card.  A guest is anyone who enters the pool area, whether they swim or not.

  6. When do swim lessons start?

    Swim lessons generally run from March through October every year. They are usually scheduled in 4-week sessions, with a short break in between. Registration forms for the current sessions are available at our offices or on our website here:

  7. Do we have a gym/fitness facility?

    We do not have a gym with exercise equipment, however, we do offer a variety of fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, karate, stretching, etc. Link to our current list of recreation programs here: Rec Program List

  8. Do we have tennis courts?

    There are no tennis courts in the Villages. The nearest public courts are available at the Makakilo City and County park (top of the hill), and at the Ewa Mahiko gym (Renton Road).

  9. What is the procedure to rent the Hall?

    To rent the hall the primary member (on the deed or lease) must bring their membership card and the $250 deposit to the recreation office and sign a contract. This will reserve the date for you. The final payment is due at least two weeks before the event.  The hall may be booked up to 13 months in advance.  Each lot may book up to two rentals in a 6-month period.  Cancellations must be made in writing at least 120 days in advance for a full refund.

Pertaining to Other Entities:

  1. How can I get a permit to reserve the park next to the recreation center?

    The Kapolei Community Park is run by the City and County of Honolulu. Permit inquiries can be directed to the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation

  2. How can I join soccer/football/baseball/softball that I see in the park?

    Sports groups that use the fields in the Kapolei Community Park (next to the Association offices) and the Kapolei Regional Park (across from the public library) get their permits through the City and County of Honolulu.  Inquiries can be directed to the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Pertaining to Covenants

    1. When is the scheduled pick-up day for bulk items in the villages?

      Our monthly scheduled bulky pick-up for the Villages of Kapolei is the 1st Monday of the month.  Bulk items must be placed at curbside the evening before the collection day.  Collection takes 3-4 days to complete.  If you see anyone dumping illegally, please call HPD with a description of the vehicle and/or contact the City’s illegal dumping compliant line at 768-3300

    2. Who can I talk to about this letter regarding my yard/house?

      You may call the Villages of Kapolei Association office at 674-4444 and press 3 on your keypad to be directed to a Covenant Specialist for assistance.

    3. Who enforces parking on the streets, public sidewalk and in an emergency turn around?

      The Honolulu Police Department issues citations on the public streets and roadways throughout the villages.  If someone is blocking your driveway and or parked across a public sidewalk, please call 911 for immediate assistance.

    4. Who enforces the Leash Law for loose dogs and dogs that defecate on public or private property?

      The Hawaii Leash Law is enforced by HPD and the Hawaii Humane Society.  The Leash Law requires a dog owner to have their pet on a leash at all times, when out in public and/or private property.  Also, the Leash Law requires the pet owner to pick-up their dog’s feces in a public or private area.

    5. Who repairs the street lights, missing signs, pot holes, running irrigations lines in the medians and cracked sidewalks throughout the villages?

      The roadways, medians and sidewalks in village 1-5 and 7 are owned and maintained by Hawaii Housing Finance Development Corporation (State of Hawaii).  The roadways and sidewalks in village 6 & 8 are owned and maintain by Department of Hawaii Homelands (DHHL).

    6. How often should I mow and fertilize my yard?

      A lawn should be mowed weekly or at a minimum of every 2 weeks.  Mowing on a regular basis helps prevent weeds from germinating and keeps your community looking neat.  Fertilizing your yard on a regular basis helps keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy.  Watering on a regular basis in the early morning hours helps your lawn retain the nutrients needed to grow.

    7. Are unregistered and inoperable vehicles allowed to be stored on a driveway?

      Our DCC&R’s section 5.02(m) prohibits anyone from parking/storing an inoperable vehicle on a driveway and/or parking stall within the villages.

    8. Are boats allowed on a lot?

      Our DCC&R’s does not allow anyone to store or park a boat on a lot, unless the boat is able to fit completely within the garage.

    9. How often are painting letters sent out to homeowners reminding them its time to repaint their home?

      The Association tracks when a house has been painted from the date it was turned over by a Developer.  Painting notices are issued when a homes condition is faded and evidence of dirt build up that will not come off with washing.  Homes will generally need painting every 7-10 years depending on proper paint preparation and quality of paint used.  Keeping your homes paint in pristine condition increases the value of your home and your community.

    10. What should I do if I have a noisy neighbor that has parties on a regular basis?

      Please call 911 for immediate assistance.  The City Ordinance prohibits anyone for excessive noise levels after 10pm and/or unbearable noise that affects the quiet enjoyment of your home.

    11. Who do I call regarding a barking dog?

      The Hawaii Humane Society and Honolulu Police Department enforces the City Ordinance of Honolulu for dogs that bark for 10 minutes constantly or 30 minutes intermittently, that disturbs the quiet enjoyment of others.  You may contact the Hawaii Humane Society at 356-2250 or

    12. How can I report an abandoned vehicle?

      You may call Abandoned Vehicles at 733-2530 or

with the location and make of the abandoned vehicle or you may call the Association office with the location, make and license number of the vehicle that will be forwarded to the City for follow-up.

  • When can I put out my bulky items?

    Bulky items can be placed at curbside the evening before your scheduled pick-up.  Bulky pick-up for the Villages of Kapolei is the 1st Monday of every month.  Please visit for a list of items that are allowed for bulky pick-up and your scheduled pick-ups for rubbish and recyclables.